Top Executives in the field of Talent, Leadership, and Learning are courted by many. Read why our members choose ECLF over other professional networks, and what they particularly like about the community.

Corporate affiliations relate to the time when the testimonial was provided.

Starting with the very first meeting, I have always been struck by the openness with which members share their experiences, even those with rough edges. While we all appreciate things that go well, no one attempts to look perfect or as if they have all the answers. This helps us learn from each other. The authentic 'true stories' bring rich learning and a feeling of working together to raise the profession.

Nandani Lynton,
Leadership Development Director, A.P. Moller - Maersk

ECLF is not just a network...it is a group of friends. ECLF does not just organize conferences...it provides unique experiences that foster meaningful dialogues. ECLF is not about comparing existing practices...it is about shaping the future of learning through stimulating discourse. Deeply anchored in practice, ECLF has been an essential source of insight and relationships over the years.

Sylvain Newton,
GE Crotonville Leadership, Sr. Leader for Business and Regions, General Electric

Without a doubt, ECLF has been the most beneficial and impactful professional network I have had the pleasure to be involved in. The intelligent peer group nature of the gatherings, the pan-European and now global outlook, and the stimulating nature of the topics we debate all contribute to this!

James Longwell,
VP, Learning and Organisational Development, NBCUniversal International

Opportunities for intimate collaboration are so rare in the business world, making a few day spending with a group of 50 colleagues very special. Though jobs may change over the decade valued relationships do not. Sharing, learning, and dialectic collaboration are hallmarks of knowledge creation...these coveted attributes are bonds that have brought ECLF members together in the beginning and bonds that keep us coming back together as time passes. Thank you, Roland.

Michelle Marquard,
Director, Human Resources - Learning & Development, Cisco Systems

We're living in a world of constant change. What a great opportunity for L&D professionals who can help others learn and develop in this environment. But also, what a challenge! Ultimately, for me being an L&D professional is not about teaching others, It's about staying a learner myself. And that's where ECLF provides unique value. Thanks for 10 years of continuously challenging my thinking and offering new insights, The Silicon Valley Learning Journey which I was part of will probably stay an inspiration for me throughout my entire professional career.

Achim Wolter,
Head People and Organisational Development, Baloise Group

ECLF is an exceptional collection of knowledge, inspiration, and last but not least great people to learn from. Roland, you can be proud of the culture of trust and belonging that you and your team developed. It keeps us together and makes new members immediately feel at home, contributing to a continuous renewal of the group.

Justus Boeckheler,
Head Development and Change, BASF

I'll never forget the ECLF Silicon Valley Learning Expedition. It gave me a deep understanding about the nature of innovation as well as many insights and inspirations, which influenced massively my thoughts how to shape the future of Corporate Learning.

Kai Liebert,
VP, Head of Global Learning, Siemens

I had just become a corporate university manager when I joined ECLF in 2009. Since my first meeting, I felt like I was part of a team of high level professionals, passionate about learning in a relaxed and unconventional environment that stimulates open dialogue around practices, challenges, and successes. I learned an exceptional amount that helped me enlarge my understanding of learning. Thanks to ECLF, I reshaped my role to orchestrate, capitalize, facilitate and diffuse learning moments within the organization. I discovered many similar challenges among other ECLF members, and even used this networking platform to change companies in a different industry.

Stefano Mancini,
Director, AXA University

I will always remember my first ECLF conference. In a vibrant, trusting atmosphere, everyone openly shared experiences and news from the corporate learning world. It was easy to get in contact with other members and their advice was very helpful to me. Thank you everyone.

Katrin Vernau,
Head, Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics

ECLF has given me highly valuable professional and personal contacts--people I can address with any question arising in my day-to-day business. I always get fantastic inspiration from ECLF members and events.

Janin Schwartau,
Director Business Impact Initiatives, ThyssenKrupp

ECLF has been a key element in my process of developing a real global mindset through my interactions and networking with great colleagues. I have had the opportunity to count on many of them whenever I needed support to help me in my strategy planning and actual delivery.

Almudena Rodriguez Tarodo,
Head of Santander Corporate University, Santander Group

ECLF has always given me the opportunity for high level benchmarking on corporate learning. Each opportunity to share with ECLF members provided a unique possibility of receiving deep perspectives on corporate learning dynamics. The friendly and professional atmosphere allowed us to put on the table our mutual issues and challenges, helping each other generate many fruitful and useful ideas.

Davide Del Vecchio,
VP Global Learning, Enel

The ECLF community is a great network, made of different companies, operating in different contexts and countries and with different cultures; but most of the time with similar issues and question marks. In this context, exchanging information is highly valuable and allows me each time to understand how my colleagues are dealing with strategic issues and how I can best use their experience to improve my Learning & Development activity in MBDA.

Laurent CAMUS,
Group Head of Learning and Development, MBDA Systems

ECLF is an excellent way to follow trends in learning and development, to bounce new and creative ideas, and share best practices with highly professional and extremely trusted experts. Roland has built a trusted environment where everybody exchanges ideas openly, without competition, so that we are able to design the best learning and development that we can. I recall a wonderful summer morning jog in Starnberg/Munich with about 15 people, where we all were having business discussions but it felt like sharing ideas with friends while running.

Jan Brecke,
European Learning and Development Head, General Electric

As a member since ECLF's start, this collaborative, cordial, open, and innovative forum of CLOs sped up my transition from management consultancy to becoming a real corporate learning professional. Our Corporate University would never have appeared on the shortlist of 'benchmark CUs' without this community. My peer CLOs provided me with a lifeline in my quest to create a corporate-wide 'willingness to learn' organization.

Volker Wiegmann,
SVP and Head, E.ON Academy,
Former Partner, McKinsey & Company

ECLF encouraged me to leverage the wisdom and kindness of my fellow learning professionals - and share my own experiences in return. It is healthy and necessary to continuously push our boundaries, certainly beyond training but also beyond learning. And, from you, Roland, I learned good things can emerge from skillful improvisation!

Dr. Siegfried Hoenle,
Formerly CLO, Credit Suisse