About Member Interest Groups (MIGs)

MIGs are self-organized, temporary project teams that consist of members from at least three companies, lasting not more than 4 months. They are initiated by one or more members and committed to follow the MIG framework.

The MIG framework is designed to create value not only for MIG members but for the entire ECLF community. Key elements are:

  • Visibility - the creation of a MIG and its objectives are communicated to ECLF
  • Transparency - the MIG provides objectives and a time frame
  • Openness - MIGs share progress and results with the community by utilizing the ECLF platform
  • Result Orientation - MIGs produce a tangible output (white paper, executive summary)

How does ECLF support MIGs?

Fostering networking and result-oriented activities on issues that are of strategic importance to our members is a key part of the ECLF value proposition. As part of your membership benefits, we

  • work with the initiator on formulating a compelling value proposition for the MIG invitation
  • support the recruiting of MIG members through invitations and registration of responses
  • support the creation and management of MIGs through
    • a dedicated videoconferencing room for virtual meetings
    • an opportunity for input/comments from the entire community
    • an Archive for documentation of MIG videos, presentations, and overall output

Upon request, we provide facilitation and/or research services via a pool of experts, among them ECLF alums who are experienced in corporate contexts, subject matter, and facilitation. Fees may apply for these services.

Initiate a MIG

To initiate the process of creating a MIG, please send an email to We will help you to frame the agenda of the interest group and support the related invitation process.


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