CONSORTIUM PROJECT | Digital Leadership and Organization


Project initiator

Roland Deiser


The Context

Over the last few years, Digital Transformation has moved to the top of the agenda of virtually every large corporation. While we usually see a strong consensus about the strategic importance of the topic, evidence shows that the various internal stakeholders of the process, such as IT, Marketing, Strategy, Sales, Communication, HR, or Innovation tend to approach the issue with their distinctive interests and perspectives.

As a result, we often witness a lack of unified perspectives as well as political organizational dynamics that exacerbate an already difficult process. As Digital Transformation requires a collaborative effort across functional boundaries, it is critical to understand the mindset of the various stakeholders and engage them in an in-depth dialogue about their perspectives.


The project will explore how the most senior stakeholders from functions that are relevant in the Digital Transformation process perceive the related leadership and organizational challenges, with special emphasis on cross-boundary collaboration. We are particularly interested how the various players perceive their own role, how they contribute to the transformation process, and how they perceive the other stakeholders within their organization in this context.


Time Frame

November 2017 - June 2018

Criteria for Participation

  • open for members and non members
  • Apply only if you are confident that your C-level executives are willing to be interviewed


We will conduct in-depth interviews with 6-7 top executives from each company that participates in the consortium. The conversations will be unstructured to allow a maximum of flexibility, following the respondents’ various narratives. They will last about 1 hour.



  • Executive summary synthesizing insights from all interviews
  • Feedback workshop with all interviewees and/or senior delegates from their functional area to discuss findings (may develop into an ongoing platform)
  • Article to be published in international journal
  • Optional: individual company synthesis and feedback workshop


We are pleased that the Innovation Resource Center for HR (, a non-profit Foundation, has agreed to co-sponsor the project, which allows us to reduce the costs per participating ECLF company to USD 10,000 each (USD 12,500 for non-ECLF members).

The fee includes all project steps as outlined above except the optional individual synthesis and confidential feedback workshop which can be added by each company at their discretion, for a fee of USD 10,000 (USD 12,500 for non ECLF-Members).