To assure the quality of the community, ECLF is selective when it comes to admitting members. Membership is only granted to senior executives from large, usually global corporations that face significant strategic and organizational complexity.

We welcome particularly

  • Executives from the areas of Learning, Leadership and Organizational Development
  • C-level or senior executives leading strategic change and transformation projects

To maintain a culture of trust and open exchange, ECLF remains strictly vendor-free.



Since its inception in 2005, ECLF has grown into one of the world's largest and most prestigious organizations of its kind. The Forum includes currently senior executives from more than 60 major corporations.

Virtually every industry is represented within ECLF, and many of them are global leaders in their space. Almost 50% of our members have more than 100,000 employees, close to 80% have more than 50,000. And over 90% of them operate on a global scale.

The level of seniority and the shared challenges that come with very large and complex organizations assure meaningful conversations and exchange.