Annual ECLF Conference 2011

7th Annual ECLF Conference

Strategic Change and Organizational Learning

June 29 - July 1, 2011

Ericsson Corporate Headquarters
Kista/Stockholm, Sweden



Fast paced change, the increasing unpredictability of our political and economical environment, and the mounting environmental challenges are putting tremendous pressure of the strategic adaptability of organizations.

Especially large and global corporations, with their complex structures, mechanisms and processes have a hard time to respond quickly and creatively to ever new realities. On the other hand are they the ones who have the power to shape their context more than others through their economic and political weight that they carry.

The ability to master strategic change - in terms of developing new and compelling business models AND create an appropriate organizational architecture that supports that change - lies at the heart of today's leadership challenge. It also lies at the heart of the mission of Corporate Learning - a practice that isn tasked with creating the right capability portfolio that assures sustained competitive success.

Conference Topic Overview

Based on these premises, our 7th annual ECLF meeting will explore questions such as:

  • What is the nature of the strategic process, and how does it relate to organizational learning?
  • How can the L&D profession support the effective management of strategic and organizational change?
  • What skills and capabilities does L&D need so it can provide a critical contribution in this area?
  • What are capability gaps that we perceive? How can we close these gaps?
  • How does this (re)shape the identity of our practice?
  • What role can ECLF play in closing such gaps and in helping shape this identity?


As always, the three days are designed as a highly interactive and collaborative mix of top level expert input , case studies from our members, and peer-to-peer exchange. Some highlights:

  • A Board member from Ericsson Group will share with us his perspective on Strategic Learning and Organizational Capability Development in Light of Ericsson's Current Challenges and Opportunities
  • Alumni from the ACLL program will present the most interesting and challenging projects they did in the course of our brand new Action Learning program for Senior L&D Professionals
  • Johan Roos, formerly President of the Copenhagen Business School and a renowned scholar on strategy and organization will discuss with us the Theory and Practice of Strategic Change that include his experience in an ambitious strategic re-invention project he launched at the university
  • Our Board member and host Petter Andersson, will guide us through Ericson's Experience Center and talk about the Business Model and the Key Activities of the recently launched Ericsson Academy
  • Tony Golsby-Smith, Fellow at Carnegie Mellon and Founder of the consultancy "2nd Road", who is also a member of the ACLL program faculty, will introduce his tool kit for Creating an Organizational Practice of Strategic Dialogue
  • We will further enhance our discourse through 4-5 Topical Round Tables that allow for an in-depth investigation of specific cases and challenges from some of our member companies
  • And, also as always, we will have our peer-to-peer Focus on Members Issues session
  • ... and ample time for informal conversation, for instance with a Dinner Cruise on a boat in Stockholm's harbor and a Gala Dinner in Stockholm's famous Old City.





Hosted by member companies, ECLF annual summits are the highlight of the year, bringing together ECLF members from more than a dozen of countries to engage in an intellectually and socially inspiring dialogue which is the hallmark of ECLF's culture.

Each conference is dedicated to exploring a strategic challenge of the practice.