Annual ECLF conference 2019

6th Global ECLF Summit (15th Annual ECLF Conference)

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Leadership in the Digital Age -
Shaping and Leveraging the Networked Organization

June 17-19, 2019

Airbus Leadership University
Toulouse, France


We are thrilled that Airbus is so kind to host the 15th edition of our Annual Summit, at their stunning Leadership University Campus in Toulouse, France. 

This time we will deep-dive into a key aspect of Digital Leadership - the ability to lead complex networks that constitute a company's business ecosystem. This type of horizontal leadership is critical when it comes to shape cross-functional value creation processes and engage stakeholders within and beyond the organization (e.g., customers, start-ups, and other strategic partners).

During the 2 1/2 days of the summit we will investigate the challenges organizations face when it comes to orchestrating the extended enterprise, mitigating often incompatible operating systems of stakeholders large and small.

Shaping and leveraging a company's business ecosystem is a deeply multidisciplinary challenge, with a strong link to the practice of large scale systems learning, an exciting - and demanding - task for an L&D function that increasingly must play a transformational role.

We will approach the topic with our traditional mix of member-driven analytical deep-dive and peer-sharing of experiences and perspectives.

As this topic reaches way beyond traditional functional boundaries, we encourage you to share this agenda with senior colleagues from areas such as Innovation, Transformation, Strategy, Communication, IT, Marketing or Sales, and invite them to join you for this event.


In the tradition of ECLF, our summit is designed as a highly interactive and collaborative mix of top level expert input, case studies from our members, and peer-to-peer exchange. Here some highlights you can expect:

  • Michael Jacobides, LBS Professor for Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Academic Lead of the World Economic Forum's Digital Ecosystem project, will share with us his insights on industry evolution, new business models, value migration and the related structural changes in corporations, with special emphasis on how business ecosystems transform the business context. 
  • Long time ECLF member Gianpaolo Barozzi, Global HR Digital Transformation Leader at Cisco Systems, will share with us the way the company leverages Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) on a local and global scale to better understand the dynamics and performance of teams and cross-functional networks,
  • Bjoern Bloching, Global Head of Roland Berger Digital, will discuss with us the challenges and opportunities resulting from the friction between digital innovation hubs and the legacy businesses of a company, and how to address them through a networked organizational design.
  • Our host, Head of University Kerrie-Ann Stein-Goujon will share with us the cornerstones of Airbus Leadership University's mission and activity portfolio.
  • We will deep-dive into some of the strategic initiatives of Airbus Group, especially in the area of enabling innovation systems and collaborative architectures that reach beyond the boundary of the firm. 
  • ECLF Chairman Roland Deiser will share insights from the Drucker School's most recent research about leadership capabilities in global organizations that are related to shaping and leveraging business ecosystems.
  • In our traditional workshop mode, we will also gather in smaller groups to dig deeper into various dimensions of our topic such as the role of the HQ/corporate in leading the extended enterprise, how to connect with start-up ecosystems to leverage relationships for organizational learning, how to engage with customers and suppliers to create a common learning architecture, and more.
  • As always, we will have our popular peer-to-peer Focus on Members Issues session...
  • ...and there will be ample time for informal conversation and catching-up. 
  • Finally, if you are interested in seeing the assembly of the new Airbus A350 up close and personal, you may want to join an optional tour of the facility to which all participants are invited after the event.




Event Venue

Our 6th Global Summit will take place at the Airbus Leadership University in Toulouse, France, which was opened just 2 years ago. This architecturally stunning learning campus is situated next to company's headquarters and some major production plants, providing easy access for top excuitives to engage with participants. You can learn more about our venue here.

Airbus Leadership University
10 Rue Franz Joseph Strauss

31700 Blagnac

(see map)

To get to the venue takes a 15 minute taxi ride from Toulouse airport.



We suggest you book your accommodation in one of the following hotels, which are all close to the venue

Mariott Andromede   |   website  map
Avenue D'Andromede
31700 Blagnac  |  France
+33 (5) 6790 0900
walking distance, but already quite full on our dates

Hotel NH Toulouse Airport  |  website  map
15 Rue Charles Lindbergh
31700 Blagnac  |  France
+33 (5) 6106 2297
Airbus has a free shuttle pick-up from the Airport to the venue you may use

Holiday Inn Express Toulouse Airport  |  website  map
39 Avenue du General Charles de Gaulle
31700 Blagnac  |  France
+33 (5) 36131 0600 
They have a free shuttle bus service to the university

Please make your reservation directly with the hotel.


Dress Code

Business casual


For all questions regarding logistics please contact





For all questions related to the event please contact



Please note that this event is restricted to ECLF members and invited guests. If you are not a member and would like to receive an invitation please contact us

To register, please visit our dedicated event page at and complete the registration process by getting a "ticket" for the event. 

The costs for attending this event are:

  • ECLF members:  FREE
  • guests from member companies (if not included in membership): $1,500
  • guests from non-member companies: $3,000

The fees includes all meals but do not include accommodation.




Hosted by member companies, ECLF annual summits are the highlight of the year, bringing together ECLF members from more than a dozen of countries to engage in an intellectually and socially inspiring dialogue which is the hallmark of ECLF's culture.

Each conference is dedicated to exploring a strategic challenge of the practice.