2020 ECLF Global Summit

2020 ECLF Global Summit

Workforce Transformation - Organizational Transformation

September 2 - October 28, 2020 | weekly sessions
ECLF Global Summit
as Virtual Multiformat Series


The Covid-19 crisis has also disrupted our annual ECLF summit routine, and we regret that we have to cancel the planned event at Lufthansa's Seeheim Center (Thank you again, Claudia Rautenberg, for you kind offer to host us!)

Instead of converting the planned 2 1/2 days into a virtual format, we decided on a different approach. In consideration of the time zone differences as well as the exhaustion factor of a virtual setting that stretches over several days, we will redesign the format and meet for a virtual summit series over a period of two months.

Expect the same mix of keynotes, member panels, peer-to-peer exchange, small-group peer-coaching sessions, and plenary discussions that you know from our usual summit. But instead of full-day back-to-back sessions, they will happen in weekly installments of 1.5 - 3 hours each. This will also give us the opportunity to respond in real-time to ideas and inputs that may come up in the course of the series.

Our summit will still focus on the topic of Workforce Transformation - Organizational Transformation, which has become an even more burning issue through the disruption caused by Covid-19. To put this rich topic into context, we will look at it from various angles such as learning, talent, and organizational design.

We soon will be back with more details of the program. Meanwhile, please save the September and October Wednesdays (late afternoon) in your calendar!




August 5, 2020 | 17:00 CET
Sep 2 - Oct 28, 2020

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Hosted by member companies, ECLF annual summits are the highlight of the year, bringing together ECLF members from more than a dozen of countries to engage in an intellectually and socially inspiring dialogue which is the hallmark of ECLF's culture.

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